A Framework to Create Stunning, Lifelike Experiences in 3D一个框架,以创造惊人的,栩栩如生的经验,在三维

Seamlessly interact with the streamlined production environment while leveraging cutting-edge game development technology:无缝的互动与简化的生产环境,同时利用尖端游戏开发技术:

  • Simple media integration简单的媒体一体化
  • Innovative behavioral engine to visually create interactivity创新行为引擎,以视觉化方式建立互动
  • Friendly reusable templates友好的可重复使用的模板
  • Gameplay tuning and scenario refinement游戏的微调和细化情况
  • Advanced performance optimization process性能先进的优化过程
  • Powerful debugging tools强大的调试工具

Turn Concepts into Production-Ready Games - Fast!把概念转化为生产就绪的游戏-快!

  • Optimize the way you design and develop games and shorten your production cycles优化的方式设计和开发游戏及缩短您的生产周期
  • Create and reuse gameplay templates创建和重用的游戏范本
  • Create prototypes in a compressed time frame by incorporating digital content quickly创建原型在一个压缩的时间内把数字内容迅速
  • Utilize the library of included Behaviors to define interactions and scripted activities利用图书馆的行为,包括界定的相互作用和脚本活动

Collaborative and Flexible Platform for Maximum Productivity协作和灵活的平台最大的生产力

  • Developers, artists, designers and scripters work simultaneously on different key development functions with a controlled access to project datas发展商,艺术家,设计师和scripters工作,同时在不同的重点发展的职能与控制进入项目数据
  • Easily manage development, modifications and version control of your programming processes for large and small team轻松管理的发展,修改和版本控制,您的编程过程中,供大型及小型团队

  • Benefit from native content management providing the abstraction layer to plug into leading tools (Alienbrain™, Sourcesafe®, Perforce®, etc.)受惠于本土内容管理提供抽象层,以堵塞到领导工具( alienbrain ™ , SourceSafe中® , perforce ® ,等等)
  • Update once and synchronize to all dependencies: better management and control capabilities thanks to .xml file formats organization更新一次,并同步所有相依性:更好地管理和控制能力的感谢。 XML档案格式组织
  • Maintain the interaction at all stages of the production process and enable frequent and rapid iterations保持互动,在各阶段的生产过程,使频繁和快速迭代

Create Once – Publish to Multiple Platforms一旦创造-发布到多个平台

  • Create a master version of your game that will run on leading PC, console and online platforms创建一个主版本的游戏将运行在领先的PC ,控制台和在线平台
  • Configure your content for optimized compilation on PC, Xbox 360™ or PlayStation® 3配置您的内容,优化汇编在PC , Xbox 360 ™的或的PlayStation ® 3

High-End, Realistic Real-Time Rendering Engine高底的,现实的实时渲染引擎

  • 3DVIA MP leverages advanced hardware functionalities: native support for multi-core processing, advanced shaders and lighting 3dvia国会议员利用先进的硬件功能:支持,为多核心处理,先进的着色和照明
  • Benefit from a customizable, scriptable rendering pipeline and an extensible API受益于定制,脚本渲染管线和一个可扩展的空气污染指数
  • Take advantage of textures, levels/stages and custom assets streaming capabilities, as well as level of detail, occlusion, culling system, animations, etc利用材质,水平/阶段和自定义的资产流的能力,以及详细程度,闭塞,扑杀系统,动画等等
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