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Powerful UK-aligned Design & Calculation Package

MagiCAD for Revit is the number one fully integrated BIM solution for MEP design. Our software is used daily by 1000’s of companies in over 80 countries worldwide.

MagiCAD for Revit是MEP设计的第一个完全集成的BIM解决方案。我们的软件每天被全球80多个国家的1000多家公司使用。

Our software unlocks the true potential of Revit MEP. MagiCAD provides superior modelling and coordination tools, access to a content library of over 1,000,000 data-rich intelligent manufacturer-verified real MEP BIM objects from 300 manufacturers, the ability to design and perform integrated UK aligned engineering calculations (CIBSE Guide C, BS 8558, BS EN 806, CIPHE), and ships with the templates required to support the successful delivery of projects to a UK design workflow.

我们的软件解锁Revit MEP的真正潜力。MagiCAD提供了卓越的建模和协调工具,可访问来自300家制造商的超过1,000,000个数据丰富的智能制造商验证的真实MEP BIM对象的内容库,能够设计和执行集成的英国对齐工程计算(CIBSE Guide C, BS 8558, BS EN 806, CIPHE)。和船舶所需的模板,以支持项目成功交付到英国设计工作流程。

MagiCAD Ventilation

Acomplete BIM software for ventilation design and calculations


Fast and Accurate Ventilation Design withinRevit


Ensuring clean, healthy air indoors is one of the mostchallenging tasks in modern buildings. MagiCAD makes this task easier byproviding a set of modelling and productivity enhancing functions that cut downon routine mechanical design work. With MagiCAD, even demanding duct routingsolutions are easy to model.


In addition, MagiCAD enables accurate calculations, adjustments and optimisation of the ventilationsystems in the design phase. It offers a large selection of built-incalculations, such as flow summation, sizing, balancing and sound calculations.


MagiCAD Ventilationfully integrates within the Revit software platform.

MagiCAD Piping

Acomplete BIM software for piping design and calculations


Time-saving Functions for Piping Designwithin Revit


MagiCAD Piping offers a complete BIM solution for the design andcalculation of heating, cooling and domestic water systems, including drainage,sprinkler and specialist systems. It contains a number of productivity andmodelling functions that save HVAC designers’ time.

MagiCAD Piping为供热、制冷和生活用水系统(包括排水、洒水和专业系统)的设计和计算提供了完整的BIM解决方案。它包含许多生产力和建模功能,节省HVAC设计师的时间。

MagiCAD alsoprovides comprehensive sizing and balancing calculations so that with a fewmouse clicks, you can select suitable radiators, add sanitary outlets and then calculate system sizing and balancing for heating, cooling and DWS systems. Inaddition, you can also use sanitary outlets to calculate diversified drainageflow rates.


MagiCAD Piping fullyintegrates within the Revit software platform.


MagiCAD Electrical

Acomprehensive BIM software for electrical design


Fast and Accurate Electrical Design withinRevit



MagiCAD Electrical offers a comprehensive BIM solution for the design and calculation of electrical, lighting, telecommunication and datasystems. It includes tools that assist with electrical calculations, simplifythe drafting of electrical circuiting detail, create switchboard schematics,and provide advanced circuiting functions in synchronisation with drawings.


MagiCAD Electrical also provides access to MagiCAD’s product libraries containing a wide range of electrical products with correct geometries andtechnical data.

MagiCAD Electrical还提供访问MagiCAD的产品库,其中包含各种具有正确几何形状和技术数据的电气产品。

MagiCAD Electricalfully integrates within the Revit software platform.


MagiCAD Schematics

Afully integrated schematic creation software to work in synchronisation withRevit models


MagiCAD Schematics for Revit provides the first fully integrated schematic creation software to work in synchronisation with Revit models.

The tool provides linking and synchronising of elements between schematic drawingsand families in the Revit model, which enables bi-directional data exchange to ensure that the required data is consistent throughout the project.


MagiCAD Schematics saves designers’ time and speeds up project delivery by providing ready made, localised symbol libraries. Custom symbols andlines with user defined parameters offer quick and simple schematic drawings to be created within the Revit project. Symbols can be dragged and droppeddirectly into the drafting view through an easy to use tool palette.

MagiCAD Schematics通过提供现成的本地化符号库,节省了设计师的时间,加快了项目交付。自定义符号和线与用户定义的参数提供快速和简单的原理图创建在Revit项目。符号可以通过一个易于使用的工具面板直接拖放到绘图视图中。

MagiCAD Schematics for Revit also includes the MagiCAD Common Tools. These are a broad range of smart productivity and collaboration functions.

MagiCAD Schematics fully integrates within the Revit software platform.


Below is a selection of some of the tools and functions that MagiCAD Schematics for Revit offers. Contact us to learn more about thismodule in further detail.


MagiCAD Sprinkler Designer

A powerful, fully integrated specialised sprinkler calculations to a wide range of globally renowned sprinkler standards



MagiCAD Sprinkler Designer for Revit provides powerful, fullyinte grated specialised sprinkler calculations to a wide range of globally renowned sprinkler standards. The package combines both a piping module and asprinkler calculation module for Revit.


The MagiCAD Sprinkler Calculation module enables sprinkler pipesizing and flow calculations to completed and ensure that designing andmodelling sprinkler systems is fast, easy and efficient to configure. TheMagiCAD Piping module enables sprinkler heads and components to be accuratelyplaced and then automatically connected to distribution pipework.


MagiCAD Sprinkler Designer for Revit also includes theMagiCAD Common Tools.These are a broad range of smart productivity and collaboration functions.


MagiCAD Sprinkler Designer for Revit offers fully integrated,direct access to the world’s largest library of over 1,000,000manufacturer-verified BIM objects forMEP.


MagiCAD Sprinkler Designer fully integrates within the Revitsoftware platform.




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