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Lumion 6.5今天正式上线发布!

2016-6-8 13:42| 发布者: admin| 查看: 1611| 评论: 0|原作者: admin

摘要: Lumion 6.5 is available now and contains an updated engine and great new features. 新版本的新引擎的工作效果会更好,更有效的支持windows8和10操作系统。对于Windows 10的用户,它提供额外的图形卡内存上最 ...
Lumion 6.5 is available now and contains an updated engine and great new features.
新版本的新引擎的工作效果会更好,更有效的支持windows8和10操作系统。对于Windows 10的用户,它提供额外的图形卡内存上最大是4GB,较大的场景成为可能。

The new engine works even better with Windows 8 and 10. For Windows 10 users, it gives access to extra graphics card memory - the previous maximum was 4GB - so larger scenes are now possible.

As well as the updated engine, there are a some great new features. Read below to find out more!

Transparent Trees
You can now add transparency to trees and plants. This is a great way to show your design while preventing foliage from getting in the way of what you want to show.

Panorama Mode
Lumion now has a dedicated Panorama mode in addition to the existing Photo and Video modes.
In Panorama mode, you can choose to share your panoramas online using MyLumion or you can render a VR output, which can be viewed with a VR headset. Alongside 360 Panoramas for Samsung GearVR and Oculus Rift, it is now also possible to render outputs for other VR devices.

News & Learning available within Lumion
Version 6.5 comes with a stream of tips, tricks and news items aimed at helping you get slicker at using Lumion. The start of Lumion now shows tips, tricks and news items aimed at you getting better at Lumion.

Applying Materials Faster
Assigning materials is now more responsive than before. The delay between material assignment has been reduced resulting in a more fluid experience in the material section.

Duplicate items by moving them vertically
Beside moving object horizontally, you can now also duplicate objects and move them vertically

Check out this blog which provides a gateway to 13 new tutorials, showing how to access the new functionality in Lumion 6.5.

Read more

Lumon 6.5 builds on the major image quality increases implemented in Lumion 6.0, as well as the introduction in Lumion 6.3 of VR output from Lumion.

Lumion 6.5 is a FREE upgrade for current Lumion 6 and 6.3 users. For those wishing to buy Lumion, please visit

N.B. The minumum system requirements have changed for Lumion 6.5. Check if your computer is ready!


Panorama mode, including rendering to MyLumion (online) or VR output. Here are some tutorials, showing new or modified functionality:

Create Panorama Viewpoints
Rearranging Panorama Viewpoints
Applying Effects To Panorama Viewpoints
Render And Upload MyLumion
Manage MyLumion online
Render For Gear VR and Oculus Rift
Render For Other VR Devices
Advanced Settings VR Panorama
How To View On Oculus Rift
Easy vertical duplication of objects by pressing CTRL and moving them vertically.

It’s also handier in Lumion 6.5 to edit object properties and to do a ‘benchmark test’ to check if your computer is fast enough to properly run Lumion.

Read more about the other features in Lumion 6.5 and find more tutorials at